AzureMasada Lodge No. 22
Warranted in Cranford, New Jersey
Free and Accepted Masons
Grand Lodge of New Jersey
Meeting at 1550 Irving Street
Rahway, NJ 07065
(Temporary Home)
(908) 276-9801

Master's Message

Master's Message

My Brother,

After getting married and having kids, a brother found his attendance and contact with his Lodge dwindling. He spent most of his time with his family. That’s where his outside relationships revolved. 

 Another brother suffering from Parkinson’s Disease also stopped coming to Lodge. He spent most of his time alone and housebound. His health had limited his freedom to be mobile.   
“That’s just the way it is,” both brothers thought. They were indeed correct. It was that way. But that’s not necessarily the way it could or should be. Being a Brother Mason is difficult: It means time away from family, additional commitments and obligations. But there are blessings built into the burdens of being a Brother Mason. King Solomon’s Proverbs remind us that “a brother is born for adversity” and that “a friend loves at all times.”   
Brothers should be there for more than biweekly meetings, DLIs or annual communications. Brothers participate in each other’s lives, share their hopes and concerns. Brothers are family and together we are stronger! 

My brother, if you have been away from Lodge, there are brothers waiting for you to return. If you know a brother who has been away or is having difficulties, let us know or contact them yourself. That’s what Freemasonry is about!    

W.B. Ryan P. Moy
Worshipful Master

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