AzureMasada Lodge No. 22
Warranted in Cranford, New Jersey
Free and Accepted Masons
Grand Lodge of New Jersey
Meeting at 1550 Irving Street
Rahway, NJ 07065
(Temporary Home)
(908) 276-9801

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

What do Freemasons stand for?

We stand for God, Country, Community, and Home.


As Freemasons we believe in God. But we also believe in religious freedom. We never ask how you practice your faith, we only ask that you believe in a Supreme Being. We ask that you live a moral and upright life. We ask that you be a man of honor, of integrity, of fidelity.


As Freemasons, we love our country. We begin every meeting with a salute to our flag. Just think of some of our past members. George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Winston Churchill, Simon Bolivar. We are defenders and promoters of freedom, liberty, and justice. In freemasonry we have a saying, “We meet on the Level, Act by the Plumb, and Part upon the Square”. Our lodge does not know rank, race, or religious affiliation; we meet every human being on the level with equality. We treat all people with dignity and humanity. The most high and the most low meet in lodge as brothers.


We thank God every day for our blessings, and view it as a responsibility to share those blessings with our neighbors who may be less fortunate than ourselves. We promote and support charities throughout our neighborhood. Our lodge supports blood drives, educational facilities for children with dyslexia, we raise funds for college scholarships, Child Identification Programs (CHIPS), a home for the elderly, and so much more. 


While doing much to help others, we must never forget our own families. Whether it’s a ladies night, summer picnic, or breakfast with Santa, we know our success is due to the loved ones who support us at home.


Truth is at the center of our Masonic doctrine. Without Truth, all else is superfluous and artificial.

Freemasonry can be broken down into three key principles. 


  • We hold ourselves to a high standard and we treat one another and all those we deal with, with respect and as we would want to be treated ourselves. We strive to live our lives with conviction and principles. There is nothing more sacred than our word of honor.
Brotherly Love
  • We express tolerance and respect for all people regardless of creed. We respect all of God’s creations. 
  • The sages say that the world is supported by a 3 legged stool, and that one of those legs is Charity. We dedicate ourselves to care for the orphan, the widow, the sick, and the poor.

In summary, our mission is to leave the world just ever so slightly better than how we came into it. At the end of our days, we ask not to be judged by how much wealth we accumulated, but by how much happiness we shared with others. When people look back, can it be said of us, “He was a good Man”. 

Are you a Patriot? Are you a man of Faith? Are you a man of honor? Maybe, deep in your heart you have always been a Freemason, and just never knew it.

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